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After waiting so long to have our Democratic Party meet, and planning it for this coming Monday, we are sorry to inform the general public the meeting plan has changed.

In response to the elevation in Covid cases, governor Beshear has determined we must return to group limits of no more than 10 people.  We respect that ruling as a precaution for the safety of all Kentuckians.

The Henry County Democratic Party officers have decided to make the Monday 7/27 meeting just for the Executive Committee so than we may vote on pressing issues and make plans for this campaign season.

We are surely sorry that we will not be able to see all the interested parties at this meeting.  We request that you follow our activities via our FACEBOOK page. We invite you to submit your email addresses for information on candidates/events and future meetings by signing up at our webpage.

Our 2020 Democratic Candidates are:

Jack Couch for State Representative 47th District (To take up Rick Randís seat)

Alexandra Owensby for US House Kentucky 4th District (To replace Thomas Massie)

Amy McGrath for Kentucky Senator (To Replace Mitch McConnell)

Joe Biden for President (To Lead America back from the disaster that is known as Trump!)

Please show your support following them on their FaceBook pages or websites and consider, if possible, donating to their campaigns; which is especially important for the three representing Kentucky and Henry County.



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