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Henry County Democratic Party
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Monday, March 27th
6 p.m. Henry County Library
This is weather dependent & awaiting final concensus.

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David Suetholz
Henry County Democratic Party Chair
David O'Brien Suetholz

Welcome From Our County Chair


I am proud to join a long line of Henry County Democratic party chairs and look forward to supporting the elected officials and community activists who have worked tirelessly to make our community better. Our Democratic party welcomes all who place love of neighbor at the forefront and promote unity in our community over division. Caring about one another, pulling together in times of adversity and strife and focusing on “we” rather than “me” is why I am proud to call Henry County as my home and the Democratic Party as my party.

As Democrats, we strive to better our communities according to our state motto “united we stand,” focusing on those who have been pushed to the margins. We seek to broaden our base by talking with sincere concern for the issues that are important to our neighbors and not by stoking fear, anger, and resentment. The Democratic party has faithfully served the people of Henry County for generations. From fixing potholes to organizing farmers, from the Coroner to the Clerk’s office, Henry County’s democratic leaders are the people who have always answered the phone and found ways to lift us all up through responsive government. We are the party who created social security and funded rural electrification. Our leaders dreamed up the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative and used the power of the government to protect people from the abuses of monopolies and consolidated wealth. It was Democratic leaders who ushered in the modern middle class by forcing corporations to recognize the dignity of their workers through collective bargaining. Democratic leaders passed laws (now repealed as soon as Republicans took power) to ensure Kentucky’s construction workers did not have to compete with the paltry wages of abused immigrants working for out of state companies or as independent contractors. Democratic leaders passed budgets that protected pensions, ensured spending on roads and bridges. The construction workers who enjoyed “prevailing wages” live in every corner of our beautiful county. The next generation of young adults deserve the same.

And it was Democrats who finally recognized that women are just as capable as men and deserve the protection and respect to participate and realize their aspirations in the manner they see fit. Strong, Democratic women have not only held our families together, but have been valued leaders in our community. Our party will always stand for the integrity and full participation of women.

Some confuse love, compassion, mercy and kindness with weakness. Our policies will expand access to health care, secure dignified retirements by strengthening social security and to making sure that government serves all of us and not just the connected few. We will continue to be motivated by love of our neighbors and with uplifting our entire community. We welcome your voice and your vision as we do that. Feel free to contact me (dave@unionsidelawyers.com)
as the new party chair of the Henry County Democratic Party to get involved.

We've got work to do,
you should be a part of it!

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