"We all do better when we ALL do better."

County Party Logo art by Clint Hedges

Henry County Democratic Party
of Kentucky

We're building something GREAT here and we think you could be a part of it.

Come and join us at any of our monthly committee meetings.

We meet the last Monday of the month at the New Castle City Hall, 6:30 p.m.

Kentucky Democratic Party Petition to Protect Pensions here

Friday Evening, June 15th

This Fund Raiser is Sponsored By
 the Henry County Democratic Party
 to Benefit

H.enry O.piod P.revention E.vent
More Info coming SOON!

County Primary Day is May 22nd

Beginning March 20, continuing through May 21st you can exercise your voting right via  In-PERSON ABSENTEE VOTING
if you qualify according to one of the following conditions:

bullet Due to age, disability or illness will be unable to go to the polls on election day
bullet You are a student temporarily residing outside of the county in which the student is registered and will be out of the county on election day
bullet Voters that have surgery scheduled that will require hospitalization on election day as well as patient's spouse
bullet Women who are in the last trimester of pregnancy


Contribute to our local Party
any time
via ActBlue

ActBlue provides a unique way for you to make your voice echo in the corridors of power.

Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.



We welcomed Guest Speakers

L to R

Rick Rand, Rep of District 47
Sellus Wilder, 2016 US Senate Candidate
and Seth Hall, Candidate for US Congress District 4

Thank you for a GREAT EVENING!
On Thursday Nov. 16, 2017

Your Support was OUTSTANDING

Thank you to all those that brought a canned good
 for the Henry County Food Pantry.
Remember you can donate food anytime.

and join us on Facebook

Welcome to new Ky Party Chair Ben Self.

Welcome to new Vice-Chair Cassie Chambers

Watch here for coming events!

More information about our June Event
to follow.




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